Behind The Financing Social Enterpreneurs Podcast

Financing Social Entrepreneurs is a weekly podcast interviewing people who fund and support social innovation in different ways, grant providers, impact investors of various kinds, angel investors, foundations, family offices and more. They talk frankly about how they work, how they make investment, grant and funding decisions, what they will invest in, or support, and what they cannot— they talk about the pros and cons of different sources of funding, share lessons and insights, and provide invaluable advice for any social entrepreneur or innovator looking to finance a sustainable social business.

Fergal is a seasoned researcher and writer who has spent more than 20 years writing about business and entrepreneurship, more recently focussing on fundraising, social innovation and sustainability. A long-time contributor to The Financial Times, he has written many reports for the Economist Group. Fergal also hosts Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, a popular podcast interviewing leading social entrepreneurs and innovators on the challenges and lessons building a successful social business.